More Casinos Warm Up to Autonomous Security Robots


More Casinos Warm Up to Autonomous Security Robots SEO: California casino renews autonomous robot security contract 3rd year – one coming to Vegas Meta: Autonomous Security Robots might sound scary, but the ones used at casinos do not look intimidating. More US casinos are taking advantage of the technology.

Ready or not, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or “Industry 4.0” is already upon us. No sector of the economy is immune to the possibility of robotic workers, whether purely digital or digital and manual, replacing workers. While it’s not likely you will enter a West World-type casino any time in the near future, some elements of the casino experience are already being managed by artificial intelligence (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.).

In recent years, especially as more and more casinos have been acquired by private equity and other corporations with no legacy connections to gambling or emotional attachment to their customers, some operators have decided to utilize autonomous security robots to protect their properties, visitors, and staff.

According to a recent report on IFSEC Global (international fire and security community media), several US casinos have chosen technology from Knightscope, a builder and provider of ‘fully autonomous’ security robots to improve floor operations and enhance security on the premises.

Corporations may not have consciences or hearts, per se, but they do have imperatives, and one of those is to deliver the maximum value they can to their stakeholders. It’s not too surprising that one of the considerations in whether or not to employ new technologies is the cost factor or return on investment.

Why Smart Robots are in Demand with Casinos

According to the report, Knightscope says that its services can augment a casino security program “at a fraction of the average rate for one 24-hour security post”. Being autonomous, the robots can choose their own beats or routes while patrolling the premises, and this could be valuable to introduce apparent randomness to perimeter details, thwarting any attempt to predict when the “sentry” would be in any particular area.

Elsewhere on the premises, they can provide real-time actionable intelligence to human security personnel as well.

Some of the apparent reasons these units might be more in demand so far from casinos than some other security-reliant sectors are that casinos handle large sums of money, they entertain guests who may be consuming alcohol, and people come and go from the properties frequently – taken together, those qualities of a casino environment spell a need for reliable, adaptable, and value-providing security solutions.

A press release from the company on July 1 noted that a California casino had renewed its security contract with the company for the third year. The company also recently inked a deal with a casino operator that has over 30 casinos in various parts of the country. Its K5 Model will be on patrol of the operator’s Las Vegas casino parking lots and other structures to help keep customers safe and to keep criminal activity to a minimum.

Multiple Security Robot Makers

Knightscope is far from being the only provider of ambulatory artificially intelligent security robots. We reported here in February that Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, California had put into service at its property a unit from Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD).

That “situationally responsive” unit dubbed, ROAMEO (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer) is about 7 feet tall and weighs about 700 pounds. The same model is also deployed at Six Flags over Texas.

According to our report, “Concierge services can include profit-generating advertisements, messaging, local information, directions, and weather. While interacting with guests, security services such as panic buttons, a call for help, security alerts, etc.”

Further security services provided by similar and dissimilar AI bots include monitoring human footfall with facial recognition technology for persons of interest (VIP or known threat actors); engaging with visitors; advertising, and as a backup in case there is a shortage of guards available for events.

While there may be casinos in the metaverse with robot bartenders and card dealers, for now about as close as you’ll get to having a robot dealer is to play live craps online with Evolution Gaming. The croupier is human, but a robotic arm will throw the dice for you in a remote location and the dealer will do all the rest.

Source: Autonomous robots being used to bolster casino security operations across the US, IFSEC Global, July 4, 2022

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